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This product is pulley

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This product is high speed pulley for various vehicle models

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This is an automobile engine part for 19600 rpm high speed.

Machined from 303 stainless steel and with black E-coating.

Used in Audi series models.


Reduces the original pulley diameter and increases the turbocharger rotation Angle by 9.5%.


This is a crank pulley for various vehicle models.


Machined from High quality aluminum alloy, anodized, lighter than the original factory.

Improved the diameter of the original pulley, in turn, increased the turbocharger rotation speed of 15.4%.

The change in the combination of the large and small pulleys can increase the speed of the original mechanical supercharger by up to 26.4%, further improving horsepower and torque.

The Lighweight Aluminum Crank Pulley for all equipped models.

Machined from 6061 Aluminum, the Lightweight Crank Pulley is a great, economical weight to free up some extra horsepower from you  power plant.  Designed to take the abuse of the track and the street, the Motorsports Lightweight Crank Pulley address many of the issues that plague other crank pulley's on the market.

Such items that have been specifically targeted and corrected over other....similar....aluminum crank pulley's on the market:

Designed to meet SAE specifications regarding the overall machining of the Belt Grooves.

Designed NOT to crack or fail - Many Aftermarket Aluminum VQ pulleys crack or can fail around the pulley face as a direct result of the extreme measures manufacturers take to save weight.

Large, easy to read machined Timing Marks

Increased belt shoulder height - To help prevent belts from jumping or misalignment.

0% Underdriven to prevent any issues with the factory Air Conditioning, Alternator or Power Steering.

Retains the usage of OEM Belts - No need to worry about trying to remember or find out what special belt you need for you car!

Increased Throttle response - A direct result of removing excess rotational weight from the crankshaft/driveline.

Please be sure to select the appropriate finish below.  You may also choose to add a NEW set of OEM Nissan Belts at a special discounted package price as well. Be sure to select the appropriate year from the options. When selecting belts you may now choose to add the FREE OEM Idler Pulley Eliminating Spacer and the appropriate belt.

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